Website Design and Maintenance

There was a time, just a few years ago, when every business needed to have a presence in the Yellow Pages©. Without it, no one would know about you, or your business, what it had to offer, your hours, or your location. Today, that has all changed. While there are now any number of “Yellow Pages” books, customers, and potential customers, overwhelmingly go first to the web to get information about your business. There they can check business hours, location, products, services and menus.

If you do not have a web site for your business, you will be surprised how easy it is to create one, and how modest the cost is, generally less than phone book advertising for a year. And your web page has so many advantages over other advertising, including the phone book. First, it can be changed to feature new items, special events and changes in menus, services and pricing. Your web site can be used to run contests, drive customers to your door with special offers, get customer feedback, and can be an effective tool for merchandising.

If you currently have a web site, you know about all these great advantages but you may not be fully utilizing them, or you may be having some difficulty keeping your site up to date. Maybe your web site company is no longer in business and you have no way of accessing your site, or getting ownership of your domain name.

Back Creek Consultants recently identified this need for cost effective web services to small and medium sized businesses. These services include, if necessary, obtaining a domain name for your business, which you will own, or transferring ownership of an existing domain name to you when necessary. We do not maintain ownership of yourdomain name, and you do not risk loss of your domain name if your web company fails to renew it.



We will create a web site specifically for your business, using your existing artwork, or creating the necessary artwork and photography for you. You may update your website as often as you like. We charge only a reasonable hourly rate for our services. If you do not need any website maintenance, there are no on-going charges beyond the modest cost of web hosting and domain registration, generally less than $150.00 annually.

To get started on your web site, or request additional information, just contact us. Below are recent examples of sites we have developed.