Restaurant Operations Support

With over 40 years of business experience, nearly 20 years in restaurant operations, Pete File is able to address problems in every aspect of your operations. He was instrumental in the development and operation of one of the largest chains in SW Virginia, and now that experience is available to you.

Whether you are in the idea stage, or have been operating for years, Back Creek Consultants can help with everything from new concept development to marketing and promotions, website creation and operating efficiency evaluations.

Is your food cost in line?

Are you fully compliant with HR laws and regulations?

Do you have an active presence on the world-wide web? Do you spend money on advertising and know exactly what benefit you receive from it? Are you creating an exciting experience for your customers? Are your internal controls adequate?

Your answers to these questions should all be “yes”.

If not, Back Creek Consultants can make you life easier. Look at these areas we can help.

Just Getting Started? — Looking at a new opportunity or developing your own idea can be daunting. We have the experience, developing new concepts, and opening new markets. Do you need help with your business plan, financing, lease negotiations, incorporation, or other start-up issues? We can help.


Design & Remodeling - We have the experience to remodel existing restaurants, minimizing impact on operations, or to create new designs from the bottom up. As an example, we designed and managed the interior and exterior remodeling of a 5500 square foot restaurant with only 5 days of down time.

Operations Support - We can evaluate your business performance, compare it to industry standards, and recommend changes or improvements that will reflect positively on your bottom line. Are you calculating tipped overtime correctly and receiving tip tax credits?

Marketing and Promotions — Back Creek Consultants can handle as much or as little of your marketing as you want. From special occasion promotions to annual marketing plans, we can do it.

Technology — If you are considering a POS system, or not fully utilizing your in-place POS system to control inventory, back office and customer award programs, call us. Make these tools work for you and see the results on your bottom line.

Human Resources — Keeping up to date with HIPPA, EEOC and other issues is difficult. Let us review your current procedures and assure you are in compliance.

These issues, and many more, have an impact on profitability. You may be too busy running the restaurant to address them.

Contact us to request a copy of our Restaurant Services Brochure.