Custom Software

Computers are the backbone of nearly every business today, and commercial software products, such as Microsoft Office©, QuickBooks©, and others, make your work much easier, and certainly more precise. But ask yourself these questions.

Are you getting the most out of your office network?

Are you spending time on tasks that could be easily streamlined?

If you outsource payroll services, you have a need to enter payroll check data into your bank ledger in your accounting system. This is time consuming, but it can be automated. A custom application to automate payroll data with QuickBooks© for example, is very easily implemented, and at reasonable cost. Once implemented, it not only saves time, but assures accuracy as well.

If you use Excel©, you are no doubt, aware of many capabilities built into that software, but the capability is there also, using the Visual Basic framework, to automate many of your operations.

For example, a manufacturer of custom communications products was bidding each job from scratch, taking considerable time, and with inconsistent results. By creating a custom application based on Excel©, the work is streamlined, bids are done in a fraction of the time it previously took, materials and labor costs are uniform and easily updated and tracked, and escalators were built in to account for shipments in future time periods. In addition, the consistency of the bids allows accurate comparison with actual manufacturing costs, and adjustments can be made as necessary, based on actual manufacturing performance.


The cost to develop an application within the Excel framework for example, is quite reasonable, and in one recent case, the cost was recovered in less than 6 months.

Consider the mundane and repetitive office tasks that often take considerable time and don't necessarily challenge your staff to their full potential. By automating these functions, you will be able to improve efficiency, perhaps reducing staff, and end up with more accurate data, more quickly.

The timeliness of accurate performance data is the key to making real-time operational decisions.

If you wait until the 10th of this month to get last month's results, you will be making decisions based on data the is up to 6 weeks old.

Other custom software applications are possible. To discuss your specific needs and how Back Creek Consultants can help you, and your staff, become more productive, please contact us. We will arrange a demonstration of a typical application in your office.

Maximize the use of Microsoft Office©

Use QuickBooks© to it's fullest

Streamline repetitive tasks

Enable timely management reporting

Enhance data accuracy and consistancy




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