What we do

Difficult economic times make it even more important that your business takes advantage of everything available to maximize sales and keep costs in line. Whether it's your marketing presence, your image on the world wide web, streamlining operations or assuring that you comply with the latest rules from Washington, all are important in assuring the best bottom line possible.

Back Creek Consultants, Inc. offers a wide variety of consulting and support services to small and medium size businesses looking to maintain or improve their current business level, enter new markets, create or update their on-line presence, improve operations, and subsequently maximize their bottom line.

Our experience encompasses retail, restaurants and food service, communications and manufacturing. Within these broad areas we offer our services to create, update and maintain, your web presence, design and implement Microsoft Office© application software, develop and produce advertising and marketing programs, and provide that extra, experienced hand, when and where needed.

Please look over the information here and let us know how we can help you become as successful as you deserve.

Our Background

Back Creek Consultants, Inc. was started in 2007 by Pete File, with the idea that his experience of over 40 years in industry and retail services could benefit other businessmen.

Pete began his career as an engineer on the Apollo program and was the lead engineer for the instrumentation and controls and displays sub-systems on the Lunar Module for Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing. Later, he was instrumental in the early development of fiber optic communications systems for TV, telephone and military applications. Pete was also involved in the early deployment of cellular telephone systems throughout the United States and parts of South America.

More recently, Pete was executive vice president of a communications equipment manufacturing company with worldwide sales, a consultant to international communications companies in South America, Europe, and Canada, and president of a large restaurant chain in southwest Virginia. During Pete's tenure as President, the chain grew from 2 to 10 restaurants.

Along the way, Pete received one US patent, several industry awards, and has written numerous technical papers and magazine articles. He has been a speaker for SCORE, The Service Corps of Retired Executives, presenting How to Start and Operate a Small Business to numerous budding entreprenuers, addressed many local organizations, and presents his first-hand knowledge of the Apollo program to elementary school science classes in the Roanoke area.